Projects and Papers

During my time as a graduate student in the School of Information I have had many opportunities to work on project and papers which have increased my understanding of and passion for the field of Library Sciences. On this page you’ll find some of my school work, as well as projects completed during internships and jobs. These projects reflect my commitment to working in this field.

Graduate Level Coursework

Organizing Information  – Fall 2012
Descriptive Schema Project

Information Architecture and Design – Fall 2012
Report on Mobile App Development

Materials for Children – Fall 2012
Mythology Multimedia Bibliography
Homosexuality in Children’s Literature – Presentation Poster
Homosexuality in Childrens’ Literature – Presentation Handout

Public Libraries – Spring 2013
Romance Genre Presentation
Grant Proposal

Information Resources and Services (Reference) – Spring 2013
Biology Resources Guide

ALA/TLA Student Chapter Events and Projects

Paragraph about how awesome it is to be a co-director, description of duties, etc.
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Education Graduate Research Assistant Projects

Education Subject Guides
Historical Textbooks Research Guide
STEM Education Research Guide
Education Databases Guide
Children’s and Young Adult Resources (Youth Collection) Research Guide
Education Undergraduates Research Guides

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Instruction and Outreach
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Related Undergraduate Work

Diversity LibGuide – Spring 2012
As the Librarianship Intern at Ellis Library, I worked with Cindy Cotner and Marlo Goldsteon Hode to create a LibGuide that would feature resources related to diversity, both on and off campus. Unfortunately, this project has yet to be published. Below you will find screenshots of the portions of the guide I created.

Conduct Manuals DisplayAs the Librarianship Intern, I also had the opportunity to design and create a display for the mezzanine in the main library on campus. I choose to highlight our library’s collection of conduct manuals, and enjoyed researching this topic and finding a selection of books in our holdings that could effectively and attractively represent this genre to our patrons.

***Pictures of display go here***


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